BEYOND 90 MINUTES - an autobiography of P. K. Banerjee

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Co-Authored by

Anirban Chatterjee

Anirban Chatterjee is a first generation entrepreneur from Kolkata. It was a surprise to all his acquaintance when in 2017, his debut novel “STREAKS OF DAWN “was published. It’s an urban romantic fiction in which the author takes the readers on an enthralling journey portraying the life of its main protagonist in his quest of friendship and love and is widely appreciated in literary circle. He is always a keen observer of his surroundings and gets his inspiration from the most beautiful and also the most mundane of places which is always reflected in his writings.

He always has a true passion and interest for sports, and hence readily agreed with an assignment of co-authoring football legend Pradip Kumar Banerjee to pen his autobiography. After an intense session running over a year, “Beyond 90 Minutes” is now ready to hit the stand. It’s an enthralling heart- touching auto biography of Padmashree, P.K.Banerjee, undoubtedly greatest footballer and coach India had ever produced , spanning over eight decades of his life. Many untold stories are told from yesteryears which will be beneficial for any aspirants following this sport closely in this country and many people from earlier generations can relate to those stories.

lives in Saltlake, Kolkata with his wife Mahua and son Ankit.